Expanded book – 19 artists interpret and visualize the term artist book.

22 February 2003 2 March 2003

Group exhibition

Artists: Jenny Crisp, Steven Dixon, Peter Eccher, Nils Edvardsson, Peter Hagdahl, Lisa Jonasson, Martin Karlsson, Michael Lundberg, Johan Drott Löfgren, Lina Nordenström, Mari Rantanen, Barbro Ravander, Annette Senneby, Jakob Senneby, Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Stina Stigell, Petra Trygg, Susan Weil, Henrik Westlund

19 artists and professors and old as well as current students from the Royal Collage University of Fine Arts in Stockholm have during two years been meeting to examine the term ”artist book”. The form for these meetings have been seminars and workshops with guests and lectures. The result of the meetings will now exhibited at Färgfabriken.

The artworks raise questions and investigate what an ”artist book” can be today. The classical printed matter (often, if not numbered, in exclusive edition) share this field with the mass produced, sometimes infinite, product. The term has changed as well as the book’s norms have changed and expanded, the original requests mass production and vice versa.

Some of the artists have chosen to focus on distribution, networking or duplication. Others have worked with the book as a formal object, but also with the object as a book, something with signs which, whatever they stand for, can be read and interpreted.

Numbers and letters are no longer just interpreted by mankind, but also by the tools she has created. Small pieces of information can be difficult to read, but put together they can create whole sentences. The already vague term ”artist book” is about to completely dissolve, maybe to be reshaped and expanded.