Connected – Things about future, cities and people

1 October 2014 9 November 2014

On October 1st an exhibition will open simultaneously at four different locations:

Bucharest (Romania) – National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) – New Energy Docks
Bergen (Norway) – USF Bergen
Stockholm (Sweden) – Färgfabriken

An exhibition about the future of the cities in Bucharest, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Bergen.

Connected is about an adventurous group of architects, urban designers, artists and curators from 4 countries who overlapped their own cultural contexts in search of new ways of urban living. A story was born by putting together ideas and experiments along with new thinking for spaces and buildings. This story talks about the soft city, an open source territory which flexibly adapts itself to the existing resources, and about the “do it yourself” society who learns on its own how to create its place in this city.

Smart city as we see it
The European cities are expanding.  A larger and smarter urban community will occupy almost 10 percent more of the European space, not in anyway, but becoming greener and better managed. 

Co-shared cars, high-performance public transportation, alternative energy networks permanently monitored, green buildings, streets connected directly to the internet and so on. Maybe you would expect to see an exhibition about the cities of the future cut from science-fiction movies. Connected will tell you a different story, more beautiful: you will learn about ideas and people who are smarter than smart systems and who know how to build better cities and communities.

Technology is just one step from this chain; beyond there are ideals, communal aspirations and the need for efficient and rapid actions. 

A city is truly intelligent when it has a smart society with initiative, who learns by itself what it has to do and who knows how to fix its own boat when it breaks.  

Robots and poetry
Connected is an exhibition about the experiences of four different European cities (Bucharest, Stockholm, Bergen and Amsterdam) that give evidence of this new intelligent and creative society. You will find out about the most sustainable eco neighborhoods built on top of polluted waters, about experiments and new ways of building intelligent houses with existing means, about intelligent partnership strategies and alternative financing, but also about departments where Robots are trained to draw 3D portraits, to create housing and human objects or simply to learn how to action in a poetic way.

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Finance and partners

The project is co-ordinated by Zeppelin Association (RO), i samarbete med Archis (NL), Fargfabriken (SE), NUDA (NO), Eurodite (RO)

The project is financed by Ministry of Culture, Administration of the National Cultural Fund – AFCN, Chamber of Romanian Architects – OAR

Partners: MNAC, Modulab, Ideas Lab, ABB, IDZ, Netherlands Embassy, Business Sweden

With support from

The project is developed with support from the Culture 2007–2013 Programe of the European Union.