Codified Enviroments – Renderings of Public Space

14 November 2016 16 November 2016

Degree exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Curator: Jasmine Hinks
Artists: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst och Lucia Nagano

An exhibition with works by Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Lucia Pagano, Curated by Jasmine Hinks.

Codified Environments: Renderings of Public Space is a three-day exhibition at Färgfabriken presenting works by Stockholm-based artists Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Lucia Pagano.

Codified Environments takes its departure point from reflections on the public spaces of Stockholm. The project draws connections between the broader contemporary debate on public, democratic space, and the specific artistic strategies of Gustafsson Fürst and Pagano, both of whom engage with notions of public in their practices.

Codified Environments presents Pagano’s experimental documentary short film Röda Linjen (2016), filmed on the metro line from Ropsten to Norsborg. Gustafsson Fürst has created a new work for this exhibition – a spatial installation which responds to Pagano’s film, intervening physically and visually with the audience’s experience.

Codified Enviroments: Renderings of Public Space is part of Jasmine Hinks degree project within Curating Art, International Master´s Programme at Stockholm University.