Club 10TAL

14 December 2011

In cooperation with Club 10 Färgfabriken presents an evening with performance, filmscreening, livemusic and poetry

Klubb 10TAL is a literary meeting place in a club environment for people of all ages. Poetry readings are mixed with performance, video art and music. In addition, as usual, 10TAL will have a book and magazine table with exclusive offers for the evening. On the occasion of 10TAL’s upcoming art issue, the club focuses this time on art, participants include Filmform, which will show films by Annika Larsson, Rut Hillarp, Christine Ödlund and Maja Borg as well as a performance by Malin Ståhl and a poetry reading by Jonas Ask during the evening.
 Malin Ståhl presents Walking Cinema, a surreal performance where a moving cinema meets the viewer. Through the opening and closing of the mysterious red velvet curtain, the viewer’s physical gaze and cinematic gaze are invited and then rejected. Film form art film screening:
Drunk (2010) by Annika Larsson In Annika Larsson’s film DRUNK, we see a young actor getting more and more drunk. The minimalistic and tightly constructed images show stages of euphoria, excitement, helplessness and confusion. The film is a meditative study of a destructive act, a film about boredom, time, control and voyeurism.
Ottica Zero (2007) by Maja Borg Ottica Zero follows the Italian former actress Nadya Cazan who, soon after her big breakthrough, chose to disappear. Her anger at the destructive power structure she found herself in led her on an eccentric journey through the world to find another way to live. A poetic science fiction documentary about the quest to live up to one’s own ideals and at the same time relate to one’s contemporaries.
The White Hands (1950) by Rut Hillarp Hillarp wanted to see if it was possible to express himself through the film poem in images instead of text. Not as traditional poetry, but something that hints, alludes and broadcasts its content even if it is not comprehensible in any logical sense. This is how Rut Hillarp describes her interpretation of the legend of Tristan and Isolde. She borrows this classic theme from her poetry collection Falskt Farväl. The white hands are a visualization of a poem with symbolic image sequences.
Forest (2006) by Christine Ödlund Microscopic landscape of animated photo and video collage. Inspired by scientific documentaries in the spirit of Jean Painlevé. As always, Klubb 10TAL also offers captivating poetry readings. This time with Jonas Ask, who this year came out with 080714-090709: the weeks, on his own publishing house (Engram publishing house).