Anastasios Logothetis Sea Deep Web Trouble in the Bubble Loop

11 May 2017 21 May 2017

Project room, Färgfabriken

In this work Logothetis mixes sculptural objects with video projections. The sculptures made in clay creates a physical room, which in turn acts as portals in to different virtual underwater worlds. If we see the sculptures as dry concrete, the virtual underwater world is its opposite – where dreams take place. This is of course an artistic vision, but it also reflects the coherence between the digital and the physical worlds. These two worlds are merging quickly, and they are starting to be hard to separate. This applies both to practice and theory. The relationship and the interdependence between the physical and the virtual worlds are that strong.

This exhibition is part of the bigger project Expanded Societies a project that examines how technology affects our lives. Expanded Societies focuses on future of sustainable, smart, connected communities – a technology-driven society that takes care of the planet’s resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. With Expanded Societies we want to challenge, influence and create contexts for understanding and an exchange of ideas through round table discussions, debates, seminars and exhibitions.