All ears – a sound-object exhibition directed equally at ears and eyes and...

19 December 1998 10 January 1999

Group exhibition

All Ears is the product of a unique collaboration between the producer Färgfabriken, the curators Leif Elggren, Ulf Stenberg and Kent Tankred, and twelve artists from different parts of the world (Germany, Britain, Japan USA, France, South Africa, Estonia, Greenland and Italy) who all have a special interest in sound as object.

Varying backgrounds and traditions will naturally lead to varying results. Our task has been to unite these artists/soundmakers in an unprecedented situation, linking the different sound objects to form a whole. We have set the stage.

The installation as a whole has been our responsibility, then, with the twelve artists/soundmakers providing the constituent parts. This concept, and the agreement that underlies it, has been the basis for our work as well as that of the artists. Thus the exhibition is an interplay on several levels: between us and the artists, between the public and the sound objects (one or more at any one time) and between the sound objects themselves. Emphases shift, boundaries move and the focus changes.