Sven Lundhs öga – our relationship with the objects, seen through the eyes of Sven Lundh.

6 June 1998 26 June 1998

An exhibition about Sven Lundh's design
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Sven Lundh might be the most influential person in Swedish furniture development during the last decades. But for most people he’s unknown. “Sven Lundhs Öga” (“Sven Lundh’s eye”) is an exhibition that through a personal prism tells us about our relationship with the objects, on the border between art and furniture. Together with Färgfbriken Sven has chosen the artists and designers who have been most significant for him – his own production is mixed with artworks that influenced him, as well as books, images, notes… everything to find out what really moves behind Sven Lundh’s own eye.

Participating artists/designers: Erik A Frandsén, Fredrik Wretman, Rolf Hanson, Piet Hein/Bruno Mathsson, Mats Theselius, Bjørn Nørgaard, Stina Oplitz, Erik Dietman, Man Ray, Jonas Bohlin, Leonid Tishkov, Robert Rauschenberg, Thomas Norbäck, Sigurdur Gustafsson, Mattias Ljunggren, Erik Chambert, Anders Krüger, Tomas Ferm, Ernst Billgren, Clay Ketter, Ragna Berlin, Helena Muutanen, Lisa Gerdin, John Kandell, Boris Berlin, Alf Linder.