Revealing radical realities – Panel discussion on art as knowledge for transformation

24 May 2022

Artist presentations and panel discussions 16.00–17.30
The discussion will be followed by a reception
Admission is free, but pre-registration is required (see below)

Participating artists: Vegan Flava, Pavel Otdelnov, Elise Alloin, Sidonie Hadoux

Panel discussion with artists transforming our perceptions of nature, knowledge and sustainability.

Moderators: Irina Seits, PhD in Aesthetics, Södertörn University, and Daniel Urey, Process Manager, International Program and Academic Collaborations, Färgfabriken

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What can art contribute to our understanding of socio-environmental change? Mainstream sustainability agendas tend to be unimaginative and prevent action and transformation. Art has the capacity to reveal deep realities and imagine radically different futures. As we are incorporating technoscientific knowledge into our policies, we risk excluding alternative ways of knowing (indigenous, embodied, artistic, practical, activist, intuitive, non-human). Art as a way of knowing is pushed out of the political sphere and becomes a commodity for consumption. We call instead for art as an embodied, transformative daily practice.

Centre for Baltic and East European Studies and Färgfabriken invite you to a panel discussion with artists who make art that radically challenges our perceptions of nature, knowledge and sustainability. Join us for a conversation with them, from which we all may walk away enriched by the artists’ relentless commitment to radical leaps of imagination, which leave no stone unturned.

This panel discussion is part of a two day conferenc arranged by Centre for Baltic and East European Studies at Södertörn University.

Image: Vegan Flava