Public conversation on eco-sensitivity – With DACE, Zheng Bo and invited guests

14 August

Welcome to a public conversation on eco-sensitivity!

With curators DACE, artist Zheng Bo and invited guests.

14th of August 11.00–14.00
Outside in Färgfabriken´s café (if the wheather allows it) or otherwise at the top floor.

Soup with bread will be served.

Free entrance but RSVP to:

The talk will be held in English.

Since 2021 DACE has together with Zheng Bo and a team of dancers
explored the nature forest of Högsveden through somatic and
eco-sensitive dance practices. The first year’s research developed
into a video work, Le Sacre du printemps, shown at Färgfabriken
during Symbiosis as well as the 59th Venice Biennale 2022. This
year, for the first time, a human audience is invited to share the
immersive experience of the nature forest and forest dance, focusing
on ecological intimacy. On 14th of August the artistic team and invited
guests return from the forest for an open conversation at
Färgfabriken where they share their experiences of the eco-sensual
dance explorations in Dalarna.

Participants in the conversation: Zheng Bo (artist, Hong Kong), DACE/Rickard
Borgström & Rebecca Chentinell (curators/Eco-facilitators,
Finland/Sweden), Harald Beharie (dancer, Norway), Ossi Niskala
(dancer, Sweden), Victor Pérez Armero (dancer, Spain), and invited
guests Eylül Fidan Akıncı (House Dramaturge, Theater a/d Rijn,
Holland), Knut Ove Arntzen (professor Emeritus Theater Studies,
Norway), Guy Gypens (Head Curator Performance, KANAL — Centre
Pompidou, Belgium), Heine Avdal (choreographer, Norway). And Zheng Bo, who is currently a studio grant holder at IASPIS in Stockholm.

The project and talk is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development
Council, Region Dalarna, The International Dance Program at the
Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and part of a cooperation supported
by Theatre Info Finland – TINFO’s project which is financed by
the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Image: Le Sacre du printemps (DACE, 2021), photo: Adam Nilsson.


Maya Nagano Holm