Lost in space – graduation exhibition from the students of CuratorLab at Konstfack.

16 December 2000 28 January 2001

Group exhibition

The first ever class to graduate from CuratorLab at Konstfack show their exhibition-projects under one and the same roof at Färgfabriken – Lost in Space. 

The exhibition displays the works of 17 artists from different parts of Sweden and from Norway. The title Lost in Space does not refer to outer space as much as to the question of accessibility of space here on Earth.

The title alludes to the current situation for young contemporary art – to the lack of spaces to exhibit and to reside in. Lost in Space is, at the same as it is one exhibition, five different ones, where the five curators have made selections of artworks and artists in regard to their own ideas, which are presented in the catalogue produced for the show.


Eva Broberg shows: Johanna Billing Åsa Cederqvist Katarina Löfström

Pia Kristoffersson shows: Liv Bugge Jakob Krajcik Johan Svensson

Power Ekroth shows: Erikka Fyrand & Marianne Zamencik Dorinel Marc Maria Sandstig

Niklas Östholm shows: Christian Andersson Christoffer Larsson Martin Nordström

Karin Faxén shows: Anna Bjerger Kristian Berglund