Johanna Ekström & Erik Pauser – Brott. An exhibition and a danceperformance which explores different aspects and perspectives of "Brott".

17 September 1999 17 October 1999

Exhibition and dance performance
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Participants: Johanna Ekström and Erik Pauser

“The starting point for our work is the Swedish word brott* and the associations connected with it. To break out, to break the sequence, the break with family, the personal break. Breaking point, the scene of the crime. The criminal, the one who breaks out.

The work will be presented as an installation at Gävle Konstcentrum beginning in November 1998. The exhibition will then travel to The Umeå BildMuseum, Gothenburg Museum of Art and to Färgfabriken, Stockholm. This work will also form the point of departure for a performance at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, in collaboration with coreographer Björn Eliasson”.

/Stockholm 1998 Erik Pauser, Johanna Ekström

*(There is no direct translation possible of the word brott. Principally here, it covers the double meaning of “crime” and in a more general sense the idea of “a break” and “breaking”. Translators note).