Guided Tour of The Horse, the Robot and The Immeasurable – Hosted by Nora Cserhalmi

12 February 2023

Guided tour by Nora Cserhalmi
Main hall, Färgfabriken

February 12th at 16.00

How can you depict the movement of life in the solid form of a sculpture? How to explore the immeasurable? You are welcome to a guided tour with Nora Cserhalmi, Färgfabriken’s senior exhibition host, who guides us trough the exhibition The Horse, the Robot and the Immeasurable and introduces Tove Kjellmark’s experimental practice that opens up for a new nature beyond the boundaries between man, nature and technology.

”In my work I search for Another Nature. A nature that refuses to accept a difference between technological and natural forces, between human life and animal life, between mechanics and organics. By doing research on precisely these issues, I want to challenge nature, creating it anew. Not out of critique but because this kind of artistic experimentation is the only way another world is revealed.” Tove Kjellmark