FORM FOLLOWS anything – Symposium, seminarier och utställningar kring arkitektur

FORM FOLLOWS anything is an international architecture symposium that will be held in Stockholm at the beginning of October 1996, two years before the Capital of Culture year. FORM FOLLOWS anything will form the start of a series of events and projects for 1998, (some of which will hopefully result in built structures), different in form but equal in their aspiration to work with architecture from its dual function of politics and aesthetics. The goal in all cases is to discuss, question or develop architecture’s inherent potential to act critically in today’s society.

The main hall in Färgfabriken is designed by the artist Clay Ketter. The publications will consist of two parts, before and after the event. Part one will be the symposium/exhibition catalogue, an anthological collection of texts and projects as reference material for lecturers and participants. Lectures, notes from seminars, exhibition reports and additional texts are then compiled into the second part, the documentation.

FORM FOLLOWS anything is an arrangement by Arkitektur, MAMA and Färgfabriken. It is an examination of the hard facts of architecture now that the century is coming to a close. What opportunities do architects have in a society characterized by dissolution? Must the form follow the weathering of everything – or not? By seeing how developments in media, technology, politics or economics affect architectural form, FORM FOLLOWS anything seeks to deepen the understanding of the conditions of contemporary architecture by looking at the forces that generate it.