Dan Wirén Vehicles and Vessels

7 February 2019 24 March 2019

Solo exhibition
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

With painting and sculpture the exhibition Vehicles and Vessels focuses on the flow, on the ongoing process in Wirén’s long-standing artistry, where the work is repeatedly reinventing itself.

Dan Wirén’s work places itself in the borderline between the free, uncontrolled flow and the methodological research – chance is as present as investigation. Sequences are created by picking up traces of visions and dreams which occasionally get stuck in one place, like an old gramophone record, to later move on to something new.

The materials – crisp rice paper, pigment, ink, water – represents the pith in the paintings. The process is driven by the materials, by the craftsmanship and the ease that follows them. A series can be re-done fifty times to be perfect, or unexpectedly end up somewhere else. The material is volatile, but the result is perceived directly, recalls the water element and its constant movement but steady pace. The same duality is a constant aspect of Wirén’s work – a desire for timelessness, yet something durable, time that requires certain breakpoints to move on.

Studio visit with Dan Wirén.

About the artist

Dan Wirén (b. 1951 in Jönköping) is an artist based in Stockholm. He received his artistic training at the Royal Academy of Art and has participated in a great number of solo- and group shows, among them at APA Gallery, Stockholm, Konstnärshusets Grafikgalleri, Stockholm and A+cafe, Cao Chang Di, Beijing. Wirén is represented in the collections at, among others, Nationalmuseum, Moderna Museet and Statens konstråd.