ARTmovement  Art workshop for everyone x3

31 October 2021, 26 November 2021, 28 November 2021

The garden, Färgfabriken 

With the help of three artists; Anna Sollevi, Fernanda Melgarejo, and Kiko Pino, who all work in different mediums, we offer workshops based on the Symbiosis exhibition at Färgfabriken the last Sunday of the months of September, October and November. 

All three artists were active in the Husby Konst & Hantverksförening. The different works integrate in a common space outside of Färgfabriken.  

The original meaning of Symbiosis is a biological unity where two organisms are mutually dependent on each other, sometimes even for their survival. 


28 November: Windshield 

Collaborative workshop with Enrique Kiko Pino 13:00-16:00.  

At the Symbiosis exhibition’s last day we invite you to create and make tracks on the fence in front of Färgfabriken’s entrance. We will use repurposed materials such as cardboard and together create a windshield against the fence that surrounds the old factory. In that way also the symbolic collaborative process of working together visualizes. 

Enrique Kiko Pino (n. Chile) is a visual artist and crafts teacher who explores the expression and meaning och cardboard. He works with crafts and creative workshops with people with special needs. 

31 October: Ljusbo 

Collaborative workshop with Fernanda Melgarejo. 13:00-16:00 

We will work and transform a ”ljusbo” together to see how we can alter our environment. The Workshops starts with a naked form with light. We will clothe the structure and regulate the strength of the light with the aid of different fabrics, yarn and threads to transform the environment.  

Fernanda Melgarejo is a Mexican applied artist and designer, educated at Konstfack. She works with themes around body and social dynamics.  

26 September: Flagging for Symbiosis 

Co-creative workshop with artist Anna Sollevi. 13:00-16:00.  

With plant dying as method we explore different ways of letting nature (plants, fruits and plants) give their color to repurposed textiles. We try techniques like bundle dye and tie dye. We then create a collection of flags of the dyed fabrics – that gets posted and is left to flicker in the wind outside of Färgfabriken. 

Anna Sollevi works in textile as main material. She has her studio at Platform in Lövholmen and is active in Husby konst och hantverksförening. Educated in textile art at Konstfack, Stockholm.