Klubb 20-TAL Earthcravings In connection with 20TAL's upcoming theme issue Climate Visions and Färgfabriken's exhibition Symbiosis as well as the project Listen, we invite you to a joint full evening of literature, art, conversation and performance Jordbegär

25 November 2021

Here we get the opportunity to delve deeply into the relationship of art and literature to the climate and examine the sensual and intimate aspects of our relationship with nature. What new ways are there to portray and make climate change visible? The evening takes place in the middle of Färgfabriken’s current exhibition Symbiosis, a kind of experiment in symbiotic thinking in the meeting between research, art, architecture and much more. Both the Symbiosis and Open Studio exhibitions are open to visitors of the event.

Ikon för Verifierad av gruppen

Main Hall and Open Studio, Färgfabriken

Madeleine Andersson, Artist
Bigert & Bergström, Artists
DACE – Dance Art  Critical  Ecology / Rickard Borgström och Rebeccca Chentinell
Ossi Niskala, dancers
Jonas Gren, Writer  & debater
Janna Holmstedt, researcher  & artist
Listen project
Flat Octupus, exhibition case: Jesper Thour, Artist and Alice Máselníková, curator