MTV & Färgfabriken

26 januari 2007, 27 januari 2007, 28 januari 2007


25 år av kreativitet. En utställning som firar MTV’s 25-årsjubileum.

MTV was launched on August 1, 1981, with the purpose to show music videos, as well as other music news and events. During the last 25 years MTV has become a major part of the popular culture. Since its premiere, MTV revolutionized the music industry. Slogans such as ”I want my MTV” became embedded in public thought, the concept of the VJ was popularized, the idea of a dedicated video-based outlet for music was introduced, and both artists and fans found a central location for music events, news, and promotion. MTV has during the last 25 years changed it’s graphic profile and visual identity on numerous occasions. For instance the European and American MTV is very different from the Asian or Indian MTV. The ad-ons, promos and jingles serve both as cultural identities but also as edgy landmarks. The exhibition at Fargfabriken shows a selection of graphical landmarks, both western and other. All of which have put MTV on the edge of creativity during the last 25 years.

Featured artists: Miltos Manetas – Abstract Super Mario, AV – Centralen & MTV On Air art works. Private party 25th Jan, by separate invitation ONLY. with Weeping Willows, Five O´Clock Heroes, Stretch Armstrong, AV-Centralen, Miltos Manetas, Jean-Louis Huhta