Patchwork of Narratives essäer publiceras i Eurozine.

Patchwork of Narratives essäer publiceras i Eurozine.

Europas ledande webb-kulturmagasin Eurozine publicerar Färgfabrikens samtliga tre essäer från boken Patchwork of Narratives. Här kan du läsa essäer av Michael Azar, Arna Mackic och Raina Sassine i Eurozine.

Arna Mackics essä från Färgfabrikens bok om Patchwork of Narratives recenseras också på det tyska kulturmagasinet Perlentaucher.



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Democratic acupuncture: Patchwork of Narratives and New Urban Topologies.

Extract from the publication Patchwork of Narratives by Joachim Granit, Creative Director at Färgfabriken.

For several years, Färgfabriken had a unique opportunity to implement projects and exhibitions in various cities throughout our world. In Asia, former Eastern Europe and the Balkans, in the Middle East and in our immediate surroundings around the Baltic Sea. Meeting people with different cultural experiences and perspectives has taught us much. Everywhere, we have seen a willingness and a commitment to finding solutions to make our cities more livable. We have seen that there are themes that are universal. Such as democracy, transparency, as well as economic, ecological and social issues, which of course, bounce back to how cities are physically planned and built. In many cases there are structural barriers that hamper sensible development and change.

With these starting points Färgfabriken has developed New Urban Topologies, an ongoing project where we, together with local partners, investigate the city as an organism. New Urban Topologies is based on creating an international network of actors from different disciplines. It could be described as a project where the method is a sort of democratic acupuncture.

Read more here, essays by Michael Azar, Arna Mackic, Rania Sassine and Nachla Libre. 

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