The Building

The Färgfabriken building was built in Lövholmen in 1889 by Helge Palmcrantz. In the 1870’s Palmcrantz developed the reaping machines, mowers and the machine gun. His factory was built for the production and was named the Palmcrantz House. In 1902, the paint firm Wilhelm Becker moved its production to the building. In addition to paint, Becker produced a variety of other products such as soap, artists’  and dressing materials. After production ceased in the 1970’s, only a few storage rooms remained occupied.

In the mid 1990’s, extensive renovations were carried out in the building, and in 1995 Färgfabriken’s first show opened. Since then, the interiors have been restored and renovated several times, most recently in 2009-2011. The building is protected and may not be demolished or altered externally.

Today, the building is owned by Lindéngruppen AB

A key characteristic of Färgfabriken is the large main hall. Monumental pillars and a raw factory interior now hold its central exhibition space. In addition to the main hall Färgfabriken maintains two smaller project rooms, a shop for the exhibition program, plus a spacious and bright loft space for talks and workshops. Downstairs, under the magnificent vaulted ceiling, you will find Färgfabriken’s Café.

Our colleagues at Färgfabriken Evenemang will happily answer any questions about renting of space for parties or events.