Stockholm on the Move

Ideas, visions and challenges for a city in transition

Stockholm on the Move

– a project including an exhibition, debates, conferences and workshops about the future of the Stockholm region and the role of infrastructure for its development.

    On November 22nd Stockholm on the Move – the exhibition – opened! The grand hall of Färgfabriken was crowded with enthusiastic inhabitants of the Stockholm region. Our "interction-space" was quickly filled with thoughts, ideas and opinions regarding the future development of the capital-city/region. The Swedish minister of Infrastructure, Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, inaugurated the exhibition together with Joachim Granit (Färgfabriken) and Göran Cars (KTH).

    Stockholm on the Move is exhibited until March 24, 2013 and besides the exhibition there are several conferences and seminars held at Färgfabriken during the exhibition period. The project is continually moving forward and we are excited to meet new ideas and perspectives from exhibition visitors, partners and others involved in the conferences and seminars. A line of events is already planned and several more will be added.

    Stockholm is growing! A variety of infrastructure projects are planned and being implemented throughout the city. What is happening? How will Stockholm change? What kind of society are we building for ourselves and for future generations?

    Färgfabriken and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have joined forces to produce an exhibition accompanied by a series of seminars, debates, and workshops to be held in 2012 and 2013. The project explores the existing and future infrastructure of the Stockholm region. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of the many infrastructure investments that are going to change the region in the years to come—with consequences that can be hard to grasp and expose us to alternative scenarios and development opportunities.

    We need to rethink – there is a common need for different interests to meet and collaborate. Stockholm on the Move is profoundly an inclusive forum for constructive dialogue among politicians and other stakeholders, a venue for debates about infrastructure and urban development. It is also a forum in which the citizens of Stockholm are given concrete opportunities to develop their ideas, their fears, and their desires about the development of the city and the region.

    Stockholm on the Move identify and focus on a number of issues such as urban planning, traffic flows, design, identity, environment, and political processes. Hopefully the project will be an instrument in the future development of the Stockholm region. In addition to the exhibition and the programme there is a catalogue in which many voices, from various areas, present thoughts and ideas about the development of the region and about global tendencies in infrastructure.

    The field of play for the project is the big exhibition in Färgfabriken’s main gallery. The exhibition strive to create a coherent overall picture, gather the different parts of the project and present a entirety, consisting of a historical background, different visions, utopias and dystopias and some of the infrastructure projects that are on-going and proposed for the region.

    Please read more about the different parts of the project in the menu to the right.

    Stockholm on the Move is an initiative by Färgfabriken and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, developed in conjunction with a range of partners with important roles for the infrastructure of the Stockholm region. An exhibition, with associated workshops and a seminar program, will be shown at Färgfabriken between November 22, 2012 and March 24, 2013.