Experiment Stockholm

23 september - 29 november 2015

affisch ExS exhibition

About the exhibition

Art and Experiments for the present and future Stockholm.

ES Hanna husberg

The World Indoors

By Hanna Husberg in Earthscore Specularium. 

archfilm 520

22nd Nov: ArchFilmSthlm

Stockholm's first architecture film festival at Färgfabriken.

Luis tavla

Earthscore Specularium

Luis Berríos-Negrón investigates alternative living in Earthscore Specularium.

expriment program 520

Experiment Stockholm Program

Read more about our on-going and forthcoming program.

maretopia 520


Talks and lectures on Maretopia – culture house on the water.

ES Songfromtheforest

Song from the Forest

Screening of Michael Obert´s award winning debut movie in Earthscore Specularium. 

teman affisch


Nine themes have provided different angles for our exploration of Stockholm and it’s future.

affisch ExSthlm

Video Channel

Follow Experiment Stockholm in motion through our Vimeo Channel

Helena speed 520

Dromology and Urban Techno Topology

Helena Björnesjö about the increasingly mediated and automated technological high speed whirling world.

The greenhouse as social pedestal poster

Greenhouses and other Social Pedestals

Investigation about the ideas that constitute "greenhouse" as mental and material entity.

volume poster

The Self-building City

Jan Rydén, curator at Färgfabriken, sees the bottom-up self-building city as a way to create a more adaptive and sustainable city.