New Urban Topologies

Cultural exchange trough Art and Urbanism

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The world is being urbanised at breakneck speed. Exploring our cities from different perspectives is a growing need and allows us to keep pace with this development. Especially relevant in this regard, is the linking of diverse questions of democracy, allied to economic and social segregation within cities’ physical structures. Färgfabriken’s international program, New Urban Topologies is an initiative that rose from such questions. For example, those that challenge the lack of methods for dialogue between the cities’ different voices and interests. Until today, New Urban Topologies operated in the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia. The work was primarily carried out in cities that have a shortage of democratic development and face extensive challenges, like endangered public spaces, a lack of transparency and significant environmental questions. New Urban Topologies are always looking for new ways to formulate societies and the city. Methods of thinking that have contributed to the birth of these new projects, are Baltic Dimensions and Patchwork of Narratives. It is the contact with people and ideas that inspire and develop these projects.

Färgfabriken's international program New Urban Topologies was created in 2010 to explore how urbanization is related to city development and culture. This film is an introduction to the programme and shows a selection of the issues, topics, and cities that NUT has worked with over the years.

A collage of images and quotes from the implementation of New Urban Topologies during 2018-2019 focusing on the city of Phnom Penh. The collage gives an idea of the issues and workshop results that the participants from different countries in the region worked with.