Stockholm on the Move

Ideas, visions and challenges for a city in transition

Stockholm on the Move in China

 – New ideas from Sweden for China's growing cities.


The Stockholm on the Move method has attracted international attention. Parts of the Stockholm on the Move project has been exhibited in China; in Shenzhen 2013 and Shanghai 2014.


 The Shenzhen Biennale


- China's leading forum for urbanism and architecture
December 6, 2013 till February 28, 2014 


Färgfabriken and Stockholm on the Move was invited to the Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-city Biennale of Urbansim/Architecture - UABB, which ran from December 6, 2013 to February 28, 2014, and attracted over 200 000 visitors.

In China it’s expected that 250 million people will be moving into the major cities within the next 12-year period. This create enormous challenges and raise questions about how cities are planned, not only regarding the housing, but also sustainable infrastructure, culture and quality of life.

The Stockholm region is Northern Europe's fastest growing metropolitan region. Sweden has the highest urbanization rate in the EU. Although the challenges differ enormously in scale between Sweden and China, many of the issues that we address in Stockholm on the Move are similar, and the experiences made here are of great relevance for the development in China.


On the Shenzhen Biennale Färgfabriken featured alternative thinking based on the Stockholm on the Move-project, within areas where China and Sweden have common challenges. For example: ideas on how we can manage the transition and migration from rural to urban, the impact of immigration and anti-segregation processes, how we can reallocate travel from car use to public transport and preservation of both green areas and water surfaces while the city becomes denser. Complex questions without easy answers.

 Smart Urban Living

- Sino-Swedish Solutions for Cities on the Move in Shanghai
25 March-20 April 2014


YouTube: One week of seminars, workshops, social media activities and an exhibition on the theme of smart urban planning and sustainable city life. Initiated by the Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai.

The Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai invited Färgfabriken’s project Stockholm on the Move to the venture ”Smart Urban Living” at the Tongji University in Shangahi, to share knowledge through an exhibition in which parts of the insights, ideas and methods from the on going project was shown. Färgfabriken also arranged and participated in workshops on Smart Urban Living.
shanghai installation
Through this investment the Consulate General promotes discussion between Swedish and Chinese players on urbanization challenges and opportunities, and provides venues for various players involved in urban planning, working for a better urban environment, as well as raising awareness for Swedish solutions and technology.

Article about "Sino-Swedish soulutions" in Global Times.