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Talks, lectures, discussions and workshops will take place throughout the exhibition period, in the exhibition room itself, in Färgfabriken's project room and in the penthouse. Different groups of researchers, representatives from business and the public sector as well as artists and architects will reflect on the concept of "symbiosis".

Of course, the format and nature of the activities are adapted to the status of the pandemic and the recommendations that apply at the time of the event. All seminars and presentations are documented and made available here on the website.

The program will be updated regularly here. See each program avctivitiy below for more information and if applicable, pre-registration. 

Exhibition opening
aug 27, 18.30 - 22.00.

Fre admission. More information here.

In case of shatter. Performance by Gülbeden Kulbay
aug 27, 18.00-18.30

With: Yamineth Dyall, singer. Isak Burström, painter.

Biomimicry Bite, workshop
aug 31, 15.00-17.00

In the condensed workshop TAPPING INTO NATURE - An introduction to biomimicry as Symbiosis you will be offered a short introduction to biomimicry and an opportunity to try it on different challenges by looking at them from nature's point of view.

The workshop is free but you need to register in advance. Limited number of seats. More information and registration here.

Screening and artist talk with Zheng Bo
31 aug, 18.00-19.30

You are invited to take part of the on-going research process of artist Zheng Bo: An Ecosexual Dance in Högsveden (Working title).

› Public Screening: Pteridophilia, Video + glimpses of new material from Dalarna
› Artist talk: New forms of dance: Eco-Queer-Sexual-Dance practice in Taiwan and Dalarna. A conversation between Zheng Bo, Rickard Borgström and Rebecca Chentinell.

The project is curated, facilitated, and organized by DACE - dance, art, critical ecology (initiated by Rickard Borgström and Rebecca Chentinell).

-> The screening and artist talk will be in English. RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your spot.

Listen visits symbiosis; Filmscreening and artist talk
Sep 16, 18.00-19.30

Screening of and talks about the films Untitled Abisko, by Sophie Vuković, and Axis Mundi And The Momach Without End by Jens Evaldsson. Moderator Daniel Urey. The artworks were created for the project Listen, which examines climate at the intersection between knowledge and emotions. Language: Swedish. Read more.

OPEN STUDIO: Symbiosis - Erotics
18 OCT - 28 nov, project rooms

Curators Rickard Borgström and Rebecca Chentinell launch a new platform for curatorial and choreographic work - DACE - dance art critical ecology. The platform will explore post-anthropocentric issues and urrent ideas by inviting artists who work in various ways with the body as an interface towards the outside world. The audience can follow artistic processes, performances and evolving exhibitions. Open during the art gallery's opening hours unless otherwise stated.

Inauguration; Bo Zheng in DACE's Open Studio
oct 23, 14.00

You are invited to take part of the on-going research process of artist Zheng Bo: An Ecosexual Dance in Högsveden  curated by DACE (Rebecca Chentinell och Rickard Borgström).

Zheng Bo seeks to cultivate eco-sensitive relationships between human beings and beings of the plant kingdom. This summer he therefore worked with five Nordic dancers to find forms of movement for a kind of Eco-sexual dance, where humans like pine trees are considered as dancing bodies. Read more here.


An introduction to biomimicry as Symbiosis. A sustainable future lies in the knowledge banks of nature’s elegant solutions taken from over 3.8 billion years of R&D, where nature has already found solutions to many of the challenges we are struggling with. In this one-day workshop, you will learn about biomimicry and practice applying it to solve a challenge by asking the question ‘what would nature do here?‘ and ‘how can nature be viewed as a valid stakeholder in the design process? This is a special edition of a biomimicry course held by Nordic Biomimicry. More information, including fee and registration, can be found here.

Research seminar: Post-Human Dance, what could it be?
nov 10, 13.00-17.00

With Rickard Borgström, Rebecca Chentinell, Eylül Fidan Akıncı and Kyoko Iwaki. More information will follow.

Seminar: North Cultitude 6263
Nov 18 nov, 18.00-20.00

The North Cultitude 6263 network wants to increase collaboration between artists and cultural creators through an active network along the 62nd and 63rd degrees of latitude around the world. In the evening's conversations and appearances, concepts such  center - periphery are problematized, perspectives are twisted and we question habitual geographical views and value perspectives. More information to follow.


Time & Place

During the exhibition period for Symbiosis – August 27 - November 28, 2021.


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Program partners

JPI Urban Europe, IQ samhällsbyggnad, KTH, Konstfack, Nordic Biomimicry, projektet Lyssna/Svenska postkodstiftelsen, North Cultitude 6263, Nationalmuseum, Citycon m.fl.

With support from

Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm, Kulturrådet, Mistra, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, KTH Watercentre, KTH Sustainability, Bleking Tekniska Högskola, Citycon, Lindéngruppen AB..