– Challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Gylleboverket2020 work in progress

In this multifaceted exhibition, different ideas and areas of knowledge meet in the exploration of how a symbiotic thinking can inspire change and bring forward new ways of understanding the world.

By applying a symbiotic perspective on contemporary and future events and challenges, we allow different methods and analyzes to interact in order to create new images and stories of a complex present and future.

Symbiosis is an exhibition, but also an experimental platform for imagining and shaping a symbiotic thinking, through art, theory and conversation, where different themes provide various points of view.

The exhibition consists of theory sections with examples and illustrations, as well as works of art that freely relate to the issues.

With artworks and ideas by:
Tove Kjellmark, Åsa Cederqvist, Bengt Håbro, John Jakobsson, Gülbeden Kulbay, Irene Stracuzzi, Jens Evaldsson, Mattias Höjer, Timos Karpouzoglou, Katarina Larsen, David Nilsson, Giles Thomson, LABLAB, Love Enqvist, Jonas Runberger, Pablo Miranda, The ZONE (Bronwyn Lace, Marcus Neustetter, Basak Senova, Johannes Jaeger), Tidskriften Arkitektur, Björn Norberg, DACE (Rebecca Chentinell, Rickard Borgström), Anna-Maria Orrù & Stina Wessman with students.

Read more about the themes, background and program here.


Time & Place

Symbiosis is an ongoing project that will manifest in an exhibition August 28 - November 28 2021.

Pre-opening August 27 from 18.30 - 22.00. Welcome!

Kl 18.00- 18.30: Performance with Gülbeden Kulbay, In case of shatter.
Yamineth Dyall, singer
Isak Burström, painter


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With support from

Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm, Kulturrådet, Mistra, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, KTH Watercentre, KTH Sustainability, Bleking Tekniska Högskola, Citycon, Lindéngruppen AB.