Manifestation Lövholmen

– (postponed) highlighting Lövholmen as a cultural hub in Stockholm.

Amanda Karsberg cementa webPhoto and installation: Amanda Karsberg.

Färgfabriken invites all cultural practitioners at Lövholmen to take part in a joint manifestation, highlighting the importance of the Lövholmen area as a cultural dynamo for Stockholm!

We want to showcase the variety in forms of cultural expressions hosted by this environment, by bringing them together in a group exhibition at Färgfabriken. About fifty cultural practitioners of all kinds, working within or in conjunction to the Lövholmen area, will participate during Manifestation Lövholmen, August 20-23, 2020. 

The aim of this initiative is to highlight Lövholmen as a cultural hub in Stockholm. We want to – in the light of today's exhaustive transformation of the site – emphasize the old industrial area's history of more than 25 years of being an essential production site for culture. A long-term goal is to influence the planning and exploitation of the neighborhood, so that cultural, historical and social values wont be disregarded. By making more people observant on the values at hand, and by coming together as a group, we may strengthen the possibilities to effectuate change. 

We are collectively arranging this manifestation to demonstrate the importance of Lövholmen as a cultural platform in Stockholm. 


Date & Location

August 20–30, 2020
Färgfabriken exhibition hall and project rooms


Emilia Rosenqvist


Färgfabriken is located within the remains of an old industrial area, known as Lövholmen. This area is also being host to a large number of practitioners engaged in various creative activities. 

Färgfabriken has since its founding in 1995 been working actively with the place where we operate. Read more about our ongoing Lövholmen-project here

Participants, Manifestation Lövholmen:

Amanda de Frumerie, artist
Amanda Karsberg, architect
Anna Blomberg (Studio Annalog), graphic designer
Anna Edsälv, artist
Annika Forstorp, artist
Ari Luostarinen, photographer
Astrid Anundi Kaneberg, artist
Beata Boucht, illustrator
Bim Eriksson, artist
Cecilia Enberg, artist
Dan Lageryd, artist
Dina Isæus-Berlin, artist
Elisabet Ericsson, illustrator
Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez, photographer
Emilia Ilke, artist
Eva Olofsson, artist
Finn Ahlgren, artist/designer
Hale Gungör Oppenheimer, artist
Hanna Hernried Forslind, illustrator
Helena Bengtsson, artist
Ingela Nilsson, artist
Isak Sundström, artist/musician
Jan Håfström, artist
Jan Rydén, artist/writer
Jenny Fornell Hjelm (Octotext), writer/editor
Jon Brunberg, artist/publisher
Kalle Johansson, writer/artist
Karin Bjurström (Alice Fine), designer
Karin Ekberg, film maker
Karoline Eriksson, journalist
Kompani Giraff, cirkus company
Linnea Hansander, artist
Lisa Björk, photographer
Lotta Melin, artist/choreogrpher
Louise Kvarby, performance artist/choreogrpher
Lucia Pagano & Vanja Sandell Billström, film maker
Maja Gunn, artist
Maria Luostarinen, artist
Mia Fernau, illustrator
Minna Palmqvist, deigner/artist
Moa Möller, curator/scenographer
Noa Sköldin, artist
OEI (Cecilia Grönberg), art/poetry magazine
Peeter Ots, artist
Per Svensson, artist
Ritva Hansson, artist
Robin, artist
Räserbyrån (Per Sacklén & Katarina Eriksson) , performance artists
Sara Ocklind, artist
Simon Skuteli, artist
Siri Lamminen Hagerfors, graphic designer
Sofie Grevelius, artist
Victor Nyberg, artist
Vlady, artist
Åsa Cederqvist, artist