The art hall opens again on September 7th with the exhibition Something to remember with Niki Lindroth von Bahr in the main hall and in the project room This shared circle with Pedro Neda.

Färgfabrikens Café is closed during the summer from June 21th to August 13th!

This shared circle

– A process-based exhibition with Pedro Neda.

960x640.72 DSC0477 kopia
Photo: Amanda Linden.

Pedro Neda (b.1981, Santiago, Chile) is a self-educated artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He has participated in a number of shows including the twelfth Biennale de Artes Mediales BAM12 at MNBA (National Museum of Fine Arts) in Santiago.

Neda works across a wide range of media, from self-dug clays and electric fired porcelains to resins, paint, found objects, analogue projections, music, and video. Throughout his varied practice, he conducts an exploration within materials and social structures, referencing subjects that include marginalized subcultures, isolation, and equality.

This shared circle
The physicality of making art plays an important role in Neda’s practice. Being creative is not significant enough, and requires the development of the labour aspect of creation. The studio is more like a work ethic than a creative space, and a simple gesture becomes a product of hour after hour spent on practice, making mistakes, redoing, to become the vessel chosen to get somewhere.

semilla 6 960x640x72Semilia 6, Pedro Neda. Photo: Amanda Linden.

The subject matter of Neda’s project is not about trying to understand what the work is saying, but about the direction of presence, working with the materials, and having the experience - a collective experience - that is different for each of us. Work, a cathartic process, and the use of various media in search of practical ways to translate different ideas.

In a cyclical order, Neda is going to produce installations, paintings, ceramic sculptures and once again bring the studio to the project room in an almost stereotypical way, allowing the spectator to see into the intimate process of the production of works.

tres cilindros 2 kopiaTres chilindros 2, Pedro Neda. Photo: Amanda Linden.


Date & Location:

Sep 7 - Nov 10, 2019
Project room 2, Färgfabriken.

During the exhibition period Pedro Neda will be present and workig in the space.
You're welcome to step into the studio exhibition even if meetings, art production or installations are going on!

Pedro Neda will also hold a number of perfromances and happenings, both in- and outdoors, in connection with This shared circle. 

Open Studio:

During the autumn of 2019 Pedro Neda has been invited to work with the process-based exhibition This shared circle, within the concept of Färgfabrikens ongoing project Open Studio.

Open Studio began at Färgfabriken in 2017 with the collaboration with the art and design group Very Very Gold, when Färgfabriken decided to explore different ways of exposing creative thought and action before it took its final form, while also bringing creators and audiences closer together.

Open Studio helps to give exposure to creative thinking at a time when it’s still in flux, by inviting various fascinating creators to Färgfabriken to take over a project room for a short period of time.


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