Drone Dancing

– Envision us in 2047

Drone Dancing is a multi-format, social, art event exploring what it means to be human 29 years from now, in 2047. It takes place for the first time at Färgfabriken Stockholm, Sweden, 2018. The exhibition series continues in The Netherlands, Scotland and Denmark in 2019. 

DDhjärnan 960x640About Drone Dancing
The Drone Dancing projekt at Färgfabriken consists of a rich program of activities such as seminars, workshops and performances, a exhibition with five established artists in Färgfabrikens project rooms and a "self-curated" exhibition in the main hall, called Drone vision.

Technology is fundamentally changing who we are, and the speed of change is accelerating exponentially. Will technology bring the solutions to all our problems, or be our worst nightmare? We can either wait and see where the development will take us, or we can begin by involving us in the matter and start to imagining the future we want to see. The Drone Dancing project invites you to imagine a better future through co-creating this exhibition. If you could fundamentally change mankind, what would you begin with?

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1000m2 blank canvas for 2047 - Drone visions - Self-curated exhibition at Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken invites artists, makers, scientists and amateurs of all backgrounds, to become part of this artistic swarm intelligence, forming a "self-curated" exhibition at Färgfabriken. Participate with a project that will take us to futuristic scenarios we wouldn't have imagined, or show exciting implications of technologies not yet invented or anything thar is relevant to the year 2047.

Join the swarm, i.e. the Drone Visions participants

Participate with a project, on the given theme, on your own or as a group, perhaps you can find another project to merge yours with. You can weld, build, paint, program, play music or create a robotic architecture. Maybe you are a great storyteller, videographer or performer. You are welcome to create what ever you want, the only requirement is that you, or your group, are able and ready to create, constructe and later take down your project. 

Technical assistance or equipment will not be provided by Färgfabriken.

How to:
• Sign-up and register your project profile on Dron Visions website, where you find more detailed instructions and more information on how you participate.
 You must be 18 years of age or older to participate and be covered by a home insurance, or equivalent insurance.
• Come to one of the info meetings
• Cooperate: find new members, improve, merge or join another vision
• Invite others to vote for your Vision
• Receive funding confirmation.
• Co-create your Vision
• Exhibit at Färgfabriken in August - September 2018

• Take down and remove your project.
• Some exhibition works may become selected for the international tour in 2019.

* Since some of the projects shown at Färgfabriken will have the possibility to travel and be exhibited at the other arenas for Drone Dancing in Europe, The Netherlands, Scotland, Germany and Denmark during 2019, we encouraged that the artworks are mobile, easy to install and deconstruct.

How to Get Funding
All Drone visions participants, decides who gets funding, and how much. Everyone who has registered as co-creator in the online community receives five virtual coins, which they can distribute to fund their favorite projects.
Each coin is worth a certain amount in SEK. You can only give one coin to each project. To become a co-creator, simply go to Drone visions website  and click "add me to the swarm". 

Important conditions:
How you plan, build or implements your work to complete your project is entirely up to you. You are given the opportunity to create something incredible on a large platform in a unique environment, but within certain conditions. 

Färgfabriken will not be responsible for any expenses of any kind. Färgfabriken will only lend the main hall under these following conditions:

- You must be 18 years of age or older to participate and be covered by a home insurance, or equivalent insurance.
- You are not allowed to create any permanent damage or changes to the premises or the building. This mean that you cannot drill, nail etc in the floor, pillars, walls or ceiling.
- All participants are responsible for that the space and area you borrow will be restored in the same condition as it was lent. This applies to color, tape, etc.
- All technology must be able to be switched off after closing.
- You are responsible for all transport of materials, to and from Färgfabriken, and for everything you enter to the building during the construction and exhibition period.
- Construction is to be carried out during the agreed working hours.
- You can not sell your art or products in the exhibition space.
- Färgfabriken is a religious and politically independent foundation, where everyone should feel welcome. We trust that these values will be respected, and that offensive content is not permitted in the exhibition.

Färgfabriken will not offer assistance in the form of materials, tools or technicians. 

Curated exhibition
The second exhibition of the project at Färgfabriken consists of five established artists, a representative from each host country (Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) participating in the Drone Dansar project. The artists contribute with their version and comment on what can become reality in the future, 29 years from now. This exhibition will be shown in Färgfabrikens project rooms the 31th of August to 14th of October, 2018.

More information will be presented here soon.


Date & Location

Drone visions - Self-organized exhibition
The main hall, 31th of August - 6th of September, 2018

Start and open build-up 27-31/8 
Official opening 31th of August

Important dates for participants in Drone visions:
25/04: Information meeting and workshop at Färgfabriken, at 5 - 8 PM.
08/05: Information meeting and workshop at Färgfabriken, the top floor at 5 - 8 PM. 
04/06: Information meeting and workshop at Färgfabriken, at 5 - 8 PM. In our meeting room or the top floor. You do not have to have been to any of the previous meetings.
11/06: Project development workshop, 5 - 8 PM.
13/06: Vision submission deadline.
19/06: Vision granting process opens.
26/06: Granting deadline.
28/06: Final Granting results published.
27/08: Build up begins at venue.
31/08: Official Vernissage.
31/08 - 06/09: Exhibition.
06/09: End of Drone Vision exhibition.
06-07/09: Demolition.

Drone Dancing - Exhibition, the project rooms
31th of August -14th of October

Opening 31th of August


Drone Dancing website:

Sign-up and register to Drone Visions, the swarm:


Björn Wurmbach
Idea and Realization
Contact regarding sponsorship, partnership and press.
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Anna Hinrichsen 
Dream Machine Facilitator and Communication assistant. 
Contact with questions related to the website, social media, or the Drone Visions(the swarm) for the co-created part of Drone Dancing at Färgfabriken.
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Elsa Isaksson
Project Coordinator at Färgfabriken
If you want to know something specifically relating to the venue for the event in Stockholm (Färgfabriken), please contact Elsa. 
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