The Architecture Triennial 31 augusti – 24 november 2024

Architecture as an art form and practice has a desicive role in how we create a sustainable society. Therefore, Färgfabriken is initiating the Architecture Triennial, which highlights the possibilities and investigative nature of architecture and serves as a focal point for questions about the built environment and the future.

Färgfabriken’s Architecture Triennial 2024 is a starting point for collective thinking about the built and designed environment, which will be further developed every three years. The theme for this first triennial is the field of tension between architecture as an artform in its own right and its crucial role for society’s necessary shifts.

The Architecture Triennial takes shape as exhibitions, open studios, and an extensive public program in collaboration with the triennial’s participants and partners.

Welcome to the Architecture Triennial 2024!

Our location, Lövholmen, holds crucial importance for the triennial. Here is a cement factory, an art centre, artist studios, and cultural workers. There are also an industrial cultural heritage awaiting a new future, or destruction. Here are toxic gravel heaps and wild rabbits, birches pushing through stone and cement, and dreams of urban futures. These potential futures are in dialugue or even clash with each other over what Lövholmen should become as a place. From this fertile ground, we see the triennial emerge.

Information about exhibitions and programs is continuously updated, subject to change.

Exhibitions and Open Studio

Utställningen arkitektur, Färgfabriken


31 August 24 November


31 August 29 September

Public Retreat

1 October 27 October

Public program

Keynote Conversations

5 September, 6 September, 7 September

Crisis management with ACAN Sweden

18 September, 9 October, 13 November


23 October


The program for the Architecture Triennial 2024 has emerged from a series of dialogues and collaborations. For idea development and program content, we have worked with, among others, KTH – School of Architecture and the Built Environment, IQ Samhällsbyggnad, ACAN – Architecture Climate Action Network Sweden, Luleå Biennial, OPI Lab, Open Wood, the Italian Cultural Institute, the project Caravanize, Pralin Magazine, the Crosscuts film festival, Navet, the Irish Architecture Foundation, and Färgfabriken’s Youth Council.


Karin Englund
Daniel Urey


Graphic design: Evelina Mohei