Support for culture by young people

Are you between the ages 13–22 and have an idea about a cultural project within dance, film, photography, art, crafts, literature, music, poetry, gaming culture, theater or similar? At Färgfabriken you can realize your idea and carry out your culture project! We will coach you thoughout your process.

We support your cultural project with access to spaces, equipment, materials and, if needed, a sum of up to 10 000 SEK.

Perhaps you have a complete plan or just have come up with an idea you would like to try. Regardless, Färgfabriken is here for you from start to goal. Pre-knowledge is not needed.

You can realize the project by yourself or with others.

The project has to be done on your free time and not affiliated with school. The project has to be finnished during 2024.

Interested? Brainstorm your idea with us!


Karin Englund,, 0736 84 27 23


When you are done with your idea you will fill out an application form. We can also support and help you with your application. If Färgfabriken assesses your idea as possible and decides to move forward with it, we will develop a project plan and budget, and support the project until it is finished.

You can also fill out the form directly without seeking contact first.

Download the form here.

Send it it to, and we will be in contact within three weeks.


A good way to get inspired, meet and collaborate with others as well as learning more about how an art insitution works is joining Färgfabriken’s Youth Council.

Read more here, or contact for info.

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Stockholms stad – Stöd till ungas egna kulturprojekt 2024.