Our Friends the Pollinators – a seminar and a workshop around pollinators, urban development and relationships between humans and nonhumans.

Seminar March 23, 13-16.
Workshop March 24, 11-15.

Target group: anyone interested in pollinators, urban development and the relationships and dependencies between humans and non-humans, or anyone who thinks that maybe you should be.

Medverkande: Erik Sjödin, Karin Ahrné, Jonas Torsvall, Maria Bergström and Karolina Lisslö.

For two days, Färgfabriken and Erik Sjödin organize a seminar and a workshop with our friends the pollinators in focus.

On March 23rd at 1-4pm, we take a closer look at the situation for pollinators in Stockholm and globally, and how pollination is connected to urban development.

On March 24th at 11-15 workshop participants can build housing for solitary bees. The workshop is aimed at both children and adults. All materials are provided and no prior knowledge is required. Both the seminar and the workshop have free entry, but a limited number of places and materials.

Participants in the seminar are:

Karin Ahrné has a PhD on how wild bees, especially bumblebees, are affected by urbanization and how green areas in cities are managed. Now she researches butterflies, biological diversity and people’s experience of green areas in cities.

Jonas Torsvall is an architect and co-owner of the architectural office KIT and the company Barthel AB, which works with sustainable urban development. In his work as an architect, he is interested, among other things, in how ecosystems can take on a new productive role in our cities and be combined with other activities to become new elements in the cityscape.

Maria Bergström and Karolina Lisslö are active in the Nature Conservation Association in Stockholm County. Maria Bergström is a biogeologist and landscape ecologist and works with Greater Stockholm’s nature guides whose activities aim to spread knowledge about e.g. the importance of pollinators in nature and society. Karolina Lisslö is a biologist and runs the company Bee Urban, which works to place and maintain beehives at companies in Stockholm and to create awareness of the importance of honey bees for pollination.