Färgfabriken Norr

Färgfabriken’s temporary branch in Östersund, 2008–2011. Exhibitions, workshops, concerts and seminars.

Between April 2008 and January 2011, Färgfabriken ran the Färgfabriken Norr branch in Östersund. The project was conducted in collaboration with Jämtland County Council and was partially EU-financed. About twenty exhibitions, concerts, workshops and conferences were organized at Färgfabriken Norr.

Färgfabriken Norr was inaugurated on 3 April 2008 with the exhibition Teleport Färgfabriken, a labyrinthine collective exhibition with over 80 artists! Both national and international artists participated in the exhibition, and showed a mix of art, architecture and design. Some of the participants were Annika Larsson, Carsten Höller, Miriam Bäckström, Nathalie Djurberg, David Lynch, Ernst Billgren, Jan Håfström, Helene Billgren, John Duncan, Ola Pehrson and Leif Elggren.

The operations at Färgfabriken Norr consisted of both major international projects as well as exhibitions and conferences with a local connection and anchoring. For instance, The project Östberget – an idea examined how dynamic and innovative architecture could enliven the area around Östberget in close proximity to central Östersund.

Poster for Färgfabriken Norr, after painting by Jan Håfström

Selected exhibitions

The Nordic Third World Country?

10 October 2010 16 January 2011

Not without cause

5 June 2010 12 September 2010

Fredrik Wretman

8 November 2008 29 March 2009

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