Invited Guests (in order of appearance): Bill Arning (curator, Houston), Rick Herron (curator, New York), Jean Gardner (urban ecologist, New York), Jan Hietala (to be rescheduled, artist, Stockholm), David Fischer (photographer, Berlin) & Jessica Valin (producer, Stockholm) with Frances Ali, Ulrich Schurr (biologist, Jülich), Behzad Khosravi (artists, Tehran/Stockholm), Lene Harbo (producer, Copenhagen) & Jörg Koopmann (photographer/curator, München), Katarina Bonnevier (architect, Stockholm), Julie Harboe (art historian, Zürich), Alexandra Hopf & Rick Buckley (artists, Berlin), Håkan Nilsson (art critic, Stockholm), Hélène Frichot (architect/theorist, Stockholm), Michael Marten (urbanist, Berlin) & Camila Preve (architect, Florianópolis), Jonathan Metzger (urbanist, Stockholm), Maja Frögård (designer/artist, Stockholm), Florian Dombois (artist, Zürich/Bern), Gerhard Eckel (artist, Vienna/Stockholm), Michael Obert (author/journalist/director, Berlin) & Daniela Grittner (actor, Berlin), Eva Wilson (curator, Berlin) & Adam Gibbons (artist, Berlin), Andreas Gehrke, aka Noshe (photographer, Berlin), Adam Bergholm & Coco with Rita (artists, Berlin/Stockholm), Maria Lantz (artist, Stockholm), Hanna Husberg (artist, Stockholm).

The silk Threeing drawing by urbanist Michael Marten and architect Camila Preve.
Curator Eva Wilson and artist Adam Gibbons at the farm after their Hyper talk.
Photographer Noshe in Threeing practice at the mess.
Laying out the ink for the silk after the premiere of his film “Song from the Forest” with journalist Michael Obert.
After dinner with designer Maja Frögård in the Mess.
Looking for house shoes with Florian Dombois.
Morning coffee with architect and theoretician Hélène Frichot with her boys Felix and Florian, with Freia and Maria in the farm.
Fika session num.8 with architect and theoretician Hélène Frichot and urban theorist Jonathan Metzger.
Artist, photographer, and guest Maria Lantz presenting her film “Moonbracelet” at the Specularium.
Art historian and guest Håkan Nilsson discussing the farm activities with Freia over coffee.
Artist and guest Hanna Husberg at the farm planning her installation “The world inside” as part of the Specularium’s program.
Konstfack master students of fine arts as guests of the Specularium while attending Luis’ course “Instance, Notation, Sensation”.
Kamen Zlatev and Alexander Höglund, with course respondent Elof Hellström of Cyklopen.
Tomas Sinkevicius and Richard Krantz, with Elof Hellström about to engage the groups final presentation, the relational pizza.
Katarina Bonnevier with family (Joakim, Tyra, Magdalena, Marie, and Adam) at the farm.
Rick Buckley at the farm.
Julie Harboe and friend at the farm.
Uli and Petra Schurr Threeing in the mess.
Behzad Khosravi Noori’s film “Black Eyes of Bruce Lee” being watched by Rick Buckley.
With David Fischer, Jessica Valin, Frances Ali, and Friends at the farm and the mess.
With David Fischer, Jessica Valin, Frances Ali, and Friends at the farm and the mess.
In the Specularium’s farm Jean Gardner with Luis and Maria
In the Specularium’s farm with Bill Arning, Rick Herron, Mark and Tad Beck with Luis. Photo by David Fischer