Calender: Expanded Societies – About digitalisation and its impact on society

As a part of the project Färgfabriken will host a part of the bigger festival VR SCI FEST, which is a festival that is set in several places around Stockholm the 12-14 of May. The festival is about Virtual Reality as a medium, and how it is increasing its importance regarding science and as a communication medium. Read more at

Seminar, May 11 2017
On the 11:th of May Färgfabriken will hold a seminar, where the theme is Virtual Reality as a medium for story telling and how it connects to our feelings. Speaker will soon be announced. Simultaneously an exhibition with the artists Anastasios Logothetis and Lundahl & Seitl will be shown, together with a program of movies from the festival VR SCI FEST.

Anastasios Logothetis: Sea Deep Web Trouble in the Bubble Loop May 11-21 2017
Anastasios Logothetis will show the video installation Sea Deep Web Trouble in the Bubble Loop in the project room at Färgfabriken. In this work Logothetis mixes sculptural objects with video projections. The sculptures made in clay creates a physical room, which in turn acts as portals in to different virtual underwater worlds. If we see the sculptures as dry concrete, the virtual underwater world is its opposite – where dreams take place. This is of course an artistic vision, but it also reflects the coherence between the digital and the physical worlds. These two worlds are merging quickly, and they are starting to be hard to separate. This applies both to practice and theory. The relationship and the interdependence between the physical and the virtual worlds are that strong.

Lundahl & Seitl: Presentation of New Originals May 11- 14 2017
Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl moves in the space between the visual arts and choreography, creating visual experiences that calles for other senses than sight. Light, sound, touch and experience of moving in a room are important when experiencing their works. They are during the spring of 2017 showing at Kunstmuseum Bonn in Germany. The visitors at Bonn gets to experience some of the paintings and sculptures from the collection of the museum through synchronized sound and light, text messages and copies of the works – but especially with other senses then sight. A smaller version of their work will be shown at Färgfabriken. Questions at issue here is about how we think regarding pictures, how pictures are created and how our image memory works. Is it possible to control and manipulate this? If so, what does that mean?


In collaboration with VR SCI FEST, White arkitekter and KTH.