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Liljeholmen was the first industrial suburb of Stockholm, where Lövholmen today is the last remain of this old industrial landscape. Färgfabriken has been active in Lövholmen since 1995, residing in a building from 1889. The last decade has seen industries and offices move out of Lövholmen, while at the same time the central area Liljeholmen has transformed from a somewhat sleepy suburb to an extension of the inner city, with many new dwellings and a shopping mall.

Lövholmen, Stockholm’s last central industrial area, is highly interesting for exploitation because of its location on the waterfront and proximity to public transport. It is pointed out as an area of development for dwellings, in a programme from 2008. Lövholmen’s 23 000 square meters are divided between six different landowners, and even if the planning is ongoing, no transformation has yet begun.

So, Lövholmen is in a state of transition. Its rough and derelict impression of today stands in sharp contrast to the different visions being presented by city planners and property developers. This first impression also stands in contrast to what’s actually going on behind the scenes; in fact right now Lövholmen is a cultural hub – with more than 300 artists, architects, writers and creators working here. 

The case of Lövholmen allows us to highlight a number of questions relevant to Stockholm, and other cities in the world, in regards to future urban areas. What relevance do these kinds of worn down areas have? How are the areas dealt with before exploitation starts, and how could they be kept open and active during construction? How do deal with historical industrial areas as part of a city’s cultural heritage? What does it mean that these sites are often being taken over by creative forces in these phases of transition – and what happens to the creativity when the building cranes are brought in and the new private dwellings are in place? For whom are the plans and future buildings? Is there potential for Lövholmen to be something new or will the results be conventional and much like everything else built today? How could the multifaceted city life of tomorrow unfold? How could Lövholmen play an important role in the bridging of the city’s mental and physical barriers, rather than adding to the segregation?

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During 2019, Färgfabriken will hos a series of insspirational activities for discussion and networking around issues connected to Lövholmen. Everyone is welcome to join, weather you live or work in the area or just have a general curiousity about urban development and industrial heritage. The activities, like discussins and inspirational talks, will mostly be held in Swedish, but som international speakers will give talks in English. If you want to receive information and inspiration through our Lövholmen-newsletter, please click below (note that the newsletters will also be in Swedish).






The Lövholmen Archive
Histories & Futures

Jan 25 – Apr 15 2018

The Lövholmen Archive is an exhibition that tries to create a living archive: an archive of the past, the present as well as of a multitude of possible futures. We have collected many of the contemporary visions for the area that have been created by artists, architects and students. The exhibition also contains select historic material that shows the reality and dreams of times past.



Panel discussion
History and Local Commitment

Feb 22, 5.30 - 7.30 PM 2018

Over a hundred years ago, many of Stockholm's most important industries were located at Lövholmen. How can we use the history of this place as we create the new Lövholmen? Language Swedish. Free entrance



Guided walk
With Anders Djerf

February 22th, 4 pm, 2018

Guided tour of Lövholmen and its history. Anders Djerf, local historian, guides you around the old industrial area and its characteristic buildings. Starting from Färgfabrikens gates. Price: 100 kr, cash or swisha to: 0736595200 LANGUAGE: SWEDISH



Panel discussion
Equality and urban construction

March 8th, 7 - 8 pm, 2018

Debate and panel discussion about equality and urban construction. Participants include: Stina Hagelqvist, architectural and building historian; Åsa Jacobsson, f. Chairman of KVIST, Meike Schalk, Researcher at KTH; Emilia Hallin, architect and Maja Willén, art historian. Time: 7 - 8 pm. Where: Färgfabrikens café. Free entrance for the talk. Welcome! Language: Swedish



Debatt: Fastighetsägarna har låtit Lövholmen förfalla

Färgfabriken presents our perception of what is happening in the area of Lövholmen in the article Debatt: Fastighetsägarna har låtit Lövholmen förfalla, published, 29/10. For 10 years, Skanska has allowed the decay of the area due to lack of maintenance, despite Stockholm City Museum's classification of the area's cultural values. The article is published in StockholmDirect, in Swedish.