ADA Mostar

Centre for Architecture, Dialogue and Art

Building Blocks Mostar

– Children and local architecs create achitecture for the future

The city of Mostar is a city strongly defined by physical and mental fragmentation, under many years the Bosnien War divided the city between Bosniaks and Croats. The legacy of the war is still very present and undoubtedly most distinctly in the very central no man's land, the District, a hollow urban buffer zone between the city's ethnic communities. In Building Blocks Mostar, we are bridging the divided city, children from both sides are working together with each other and local architects to make new architecture. An inital workshop with children and architects was held by Färgfabriken and Ada Mostar at The Music shool 25-26th of April. The Building Blocks Mostar exhibition will open 2015/2016.

During October 2015 an additional workshop was held to develop one of the five projects called Tornado of Fun

Opening of the Building Blocks exhibition in Mostar 29th of January 2016.

More information about Färgfabriken's concept Building Blocks here