Stockholm on the Move

Ideas, visions and challenges for a city in transition

The individual and the system

– large systems in relation to the individual perspective. 

illustration manniskan i systemet konferens

When: January 31 st 2013, 13.30–17.00
Where: Färgfabriken, Takvåningen
The conference is held in swedish (except for lecture with Yusak Susilo)
Free entrance, but with a limited amount of seats. Please notify to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Moderator: Christoffer Barnekow
Participants: Pernilla Glaser, Yusak Susilo, Oskar Wallgren, Per Hamid Ghatan and Jennie Fridolin in addition representatives from Trafikverket, Veidekke, The Municipality of Södertälje, The Municipality of Värmdö and The City of Stockholm.


The conference focus on the individual perspecitive in relation to the structure and the systems of the society. How do our personal choices effect the larger context and how are we effected by this larger context in our daily life? Greater changes in the society often correlates with smaller, everyday, changes.

Don't underestimate the power of behavioural change: during the London Olympics, 300.000 people were kept both off the roads and off public transport, simply by promoting home-working and flexible office / commuting hours. That is another form of resilience to insufficiency of infrastructure capacity.
Korinna Thielen, Professor TU München & HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany.

Infrastructure is the system of systems. It affects our daily life, how we communicate, how we move from place to place, from home to work and so on. As individuals and citizens we are dependent on these systems. But what if they don't work? How can we change these immense structures? What responsibilites do we as citizens have for the development of the cities? These are some of the issues that will be raised during the third conference within