Experiment Stockholm

23 september - 29 november 2015

Partners in Experiment Stockholm

Experiment Stockholm are developed through partnerships with a number of actors involved in the Stockholm region's development.

Please contact us if you are curious to participate.

Arkitekter utan gränser web

About Architecture sans frontières

ASF-Int was founded as a result of an increased interest in social and environmental issues in relation to the built environment, and dissatisfaction with ethical standards of mainstream architecture. ASF-Int has over 25 national member organisations sharing the same ethos and guiding principles.



About Brostaden

Brostaden is a real estate company that owns, manages and leases commercial properties in the greater Stockholm area. Our vision is to develop tomorrow's meeting places that lead people to success.


ekologigruppen web

 About Ekologigruppen

Ekologigruppen is a consulting company working with sustainable development within the areas of urban planning, landscape design, terrestrial and aquatic ecology and environmental impact assessments.


energimyndigheten eng web

 About Swedish Energy Agency

The Swedish Energy Agency works for the use of renewable energy, improved technologies, a smarter end-use of energy, and mitigation of climate change.



 Aboute Goethe Institut

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.



 About Haninge municipality

Haninge is just south of Stockholm. With 82,400 inhabitants, Haninge one of the largest municipalities in Stockholm County. 



The Dutch Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden


huddinge web

Aboute Huddinge municipality

We’re a fast-growing municipality. With over 100,000 inhabitants we are the county’s largest municipality after Stockholm. Our continued growth allows us to set our sights higher.


knivsta web  

About Knivsta municipality

The new Knivsta Municipality was formed on 1 January 2003, by a division of the municipality of Uppsala into two new municipalities, Knivsta and Uppsala. Location and excellent communications make the municipality attractive both to residents and businesses.



About Movium

Movium is, a think tank, working with urban development at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. We believe that urban development must be based on urban life.



About Mälardalsrådet

Mälardalsrådet - The Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region is a non-profit special interest organisation for municipalities and county councils in the Stockholm-Mälar Region, which consists of the five counties of Stockholm, Uppsala, Västmanland, Södermanland and Örebro.


nacka web

About Nacka municipality

Nacka municipality makes an attractive place to live, reside and operate on. Here live 96,000 people and the number is steadily increasing.


Naturverket web ny

About The Environmental Protection Agency

We are the public agency in Sweden that has an overview of conditions in the environment and progress in environmental policy. We also have the task of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating efforts, involving many agencies, to meet Sweden’s environmental objectives.


nordbygg ny web

 About Nordbygg

Nordbygg is northern Europe´s largest and most important construction industry event. Nordbygg gives you a perfect grasp of developments in the construction, building services installations and real estate industry.


Nordregio ny web

About Nordregio

Nordregio is a leading international Nordic research institute in the broad field of regional studies. We undertake strategic research with the aim of producing informed and relevant material for decision-makers at the international, national and regional levels.


philips web

About Philips

Creating innovations that matter to people. Our commitment is to deliver new healthcare and lighting technologies, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumer products that make a real difference to our customers, consumers and stakeholders across the globe.


Ramboll ny web

About Ramboll

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company. We constantly strive to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to our customers, end-users and society as a whole.



riksbyggen web

About Riksbyggen

Riksbyggen is a company owned by the building unions, housing associations (local housing associations) and by other national co-operative associations. The aim is to establish housing associations and contribute to the fulfilment of other aims related to housing and co-operation, as formulated by the owners.



separett web

About Separett

Separett has for the last 40 years been developing qualitative and functional toilet solutions that are not limited by access to water and sanitation. Our toilets simplify everyday life and leisure of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.



SRC web  

About Stockholm Resilience Center

Stockholm Resilience Centre advances research on the governance of social-ecological systems with a special emphasis on resilience - the ability to deal with change and continue to develop.


Ny sthlm stad web  

About The municipality of Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the five fastest growing regions in Europe. More people are choosing to move to Stockholm, while we are living longer and more children are born. The growth rate is higher than previously estimated, and in February we were 900 000 inhabitants in the city of Stockholm.


sundbyberg web

Aboute The municipality of Sundbyberg

Sundbyberg - Sweden's smallest municipality to the surface - is also the fastest growing with over 40 000 inhabitants.


SA web

About Swedish Association of Architects

Swedish Association of Architects is a professional organization for architects, interior architects, landscape architects and spatial planners with 12 000 members (including 2 600 students).


träbygg web

About The Swedish Wood Building Council

The Swedish Wood Building Council works to encourage the greater use of modern timber buildings and structures in the Swedish construction market. We particularly focus on multi-storey buildings, public buildings and large road bridges.


sweco svart web

About Sweco

Sweco’s engineers, architects and environmental experts are working together to develop total solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. Sweco is among the largest players in Europe and a leader in several market segments in the Nordic region and Central and Eastern Europe.


Smalm tra web

About Södermalms Trä

Our strategic location in Årsta, close to the Southern Link and other important access roads enable fast and smooth deliveries. We offer a weatherproof drive-in warehouse of 10 000 m2 especially suited to professional customers.


sodertalje web

About Södertälje municipality

Södertälje is a municipality with 92,000 inhabitants and a creative social climate. Here you will meet diversity, innovative ideas and an industry at the forefront. The municipality's diversity is our strength and also our challenge. We focus on raising school and sustainability issues. 


Totally sthlm web

About Totally Stockholm

Totally Stockholm is the ultimate guide for things to do in the Swedish capital. With unparalleled listings, incisive features on all facets of culture both Swedish and international plus music, film, fashion, food and drink is the best guide for people living in or spending time in Stockholm.


vasakronan web

About Vasakronan

Vasakronan is the leading property company in Sweden. Our strategy is to focus on Sweden’s major regions: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund.