Stockholm visions at Färgfabriken 2 – Reparation society next?

21 February, 13 March


Entrance floor, Färgfabriken

Free admission, no pre-registration needed.

Moderator: Annica Kvint

This talk series is held in Swedish.

Stockholm visions at Färgfabriken was a conversation series about the cities of the future, which were arranged during the fall of 2022 in collaboration with journalist Annica Kvint. This spring the series returns with two new talks. The program takes its starting point in Lövholmen, one of Stockholm’s many current development areas, but involves just as much a general perspective on cities of the future.

Adding instead of eliminating. That is what architecture will entail in the future, according to the growing crowd wanting to see less bulldozing and better use of already existing buildings and boroughs.

Researchers claim that the solution to our climate challenge exists in the development of our cities. But how does a desirable development in a future ”reparation society” look like? What role do architects have in it? And how does our perspective on aesthetics get affected?


21 February 17.00–19.00

Used is better

Repurposing buildings and boroughs is one of the most resource saving tactics available. Still the demolition of buildings is grander than ever, both in Stockholm and other cities. Why is that? And what can we do about it? Architect Emma Lindberg has in the research project Att återbruka det fula (”Repurposing the ugly”) chosen to see future living spaces in the ”ugly” office buildings of the 60’s and 70’s, a type of building most often threatened with demolition.

What is the probability of the architects’ transformation ideas being realized? And how does our perspective on aesthetics get affected by changes like this? Emma Lindberg discusses this with Katarina Borg, city planner, landscape architect, and commissioner of the Stockholm Beauty Council. She is also one of the researchers behind the project Rikare grannskap (”Richer neighborhoods”), which also focuses on sustainable city development and societal adjustment.

13 March 17.00–19.00

Architecture activism 2024

Interactive maps that show buildings threatened with demolition is a new phenomenon that is emerging in more and more countries. Is the demolition map a quiet form of ”architecture activism”? What do the ones behind these initiatives want? And what is their next move? Natalie Hase is one of the architects behind, which shows demolitions in Stockholm and Solna municipality. In this talk she meets Anna Mistry Bergbom, who represents the international network Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN). Under the name the network’s Swedish branch is building an interactive demolition map for the entirety of Sweden.

Co-producer and moderator for the conversations is journalist Annica Kvint, who monitors city development and architecture both as editor for the journal Arkitektur and as architecture critic in Dagens Nyheter. The conversation series Stockholm visions at Färgfabriken started during the fall of 2022 as a continuation of the article series with the same vignette in Dagens Nyheter.

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Daniel Urey
Process leader