Spatial Traces of Movement – A sound installation that examine the physical relationship between body, space and time.

9 November 2013 1 December 2013

Sound installation
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

Participants: Isak Edberg, Jenny Lönneborg, John Moström

Spatial Traces of Movements is a sound installation where Jenny Lönneborg and John Moström examine the physical relationship between body, space and time. With backgrounds in architecture and coreography they have examined movement from a spatial perspective.

The starting point has been how movement effects the atmosphere and the experience in a space – which traces it leaves in the form of sound, smell and changes of temperature. The focus point in Spatial Traces of Movements is the auditive perception of movement.

The installation is comprised of several recordings of the sound of dance that has been further elaborated into a sound collage together with the composer Isak Edberg.

By experiencing coreography and dance solely through auditive perception instead of through the traditional visual sense they are seeking to create a situation where new immaterial rooms and new immaterial choreography is made relating to the visitors body and fantasy. The visitor moves freely in the room and can experience the sound installation from their own position in the room, one can be right in the middle of the sound (movement) or far away – standing still or in movement.

This is a project that explores coreography, architecture, sound, perception, and time as well as what happens in the meeting between them.

About the participants

Isak Edberg (1989) is a composer of contemporary instumental- and electronic music. He also works as a live-electronic musician in several constellations. He is educated at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Isaks music explores spatiality, rituals and perception through reduction and slow processes.

Jenny Lönneborg (1974) is an architect and artist based in Stockholm and educated at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She explores spatiality in different circumstances. Earlier she has worked at architect offices in Uppsala and Stockholm, and contributed to the exhibition Plast! (Plastic!) at the Nordic museum. She has also contributed art to Detroit gallery and the art- and music collective Golden Offense Orchestra.

John Moström (1974) is educated as a dancer at The Royal Swedish Ballet School and as an architect from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. After a career as a dancer he is now working as an architect at an office in Stockholm and as a choreographer, his latest work being with Giselle at MDT in Stockholm and with Ausfern/Tanz im August in Berlin. He also does work as a set designer.

Thanks to

Helen Franzén, Katarina Eriksson, Aleksandra Sende, Moa Westerlund, Annika Hyvärinen, Anna Öberg, Örjan Andersson, Andreas Berchtold, Linda Reinered, Magnus Samuelsson, Torill Steinjord, Anton Schneider, Emma Waltraud Howes, Pernilla Eldh with students, and Ellen Söderhult.

The project Spatial traces of movements has been made possible thanks to support from Konstnärsnämnden.