Sonja Nilsson – staging an videoinstallation in five scens about three persons looking for love and exploring boundaries.

5 September 2013 1 December 2013

Solo exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

In Sonja Nilsson’s artwork an ordinary hallway turns in to an eternal labyrinth, where you follow yourself. In a room with red draperies, like taken from a Lynchian world, sublime pictures which you only can see in the corner of the eye, occurs for a short second. In another piece, Sonja Nilsson recreates a picture, which she hasn’t been able to let go of, that shocks and etches itself into the viewer’s  memory.

The big exhibition hall at Färgfabriken will be transformed into something that resembles a film set. The drama is built around six scenes, furnished rooms, where the actors emerge as projections, like holograms on the set. The film installation’s narrative revolves around a few people looking for an erotic adventure. However something goes wrong. 

About the artist

Sonja Nilsson was born in 1977. She studied art in Hässleholm and Kristianstad Art School. In 2001 she undertook her Master of Fine Art at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. Sonja Nilsson is now based in Berlin and during the summers in Ljusdal (Sweden)

The characteristics of Sonja Nilsson’s work are the construction of staged surroundings where highly illusive tools are used to tell a story. There is an appealing immediacy in her art, and the beholder is often the one who ends up in the center.