Short stories - With the story at the center

26 February 2005 27 March 2005

Group exhibition

Participating designers: Elizabeth Haven, Lizzie Ridout, Lisa Olausson, Maria Boj, Sara Isaksson, Emma Åkerman, Hanna Wärning

Short stories is an exhibition with designers who work in different ways with the story as a central element in their works.

The English duo EMPRESS (Elizabeth Haven and Lizzie Ridout), starts from a kind of anthropological investigations, about useless camouflage and about creating memorials of the nameless and faceless by creating monuments of the markings in leftover military clothing. Instead, Lisa Olausson investigates how people tell about themselves through their houses, gardens and garbage cans. Ceramicist Maria Boj chooses reuse as a method by starting from found and leftover objects, while her colleague Sara Isaksson creates things that all carry a hidden story. Emma Åkerman returns to more classic story-telling images, while Hanna Wärning narrates “live” through a wallpaper-making machine made from old windshield wipers. The latter with roots in Tinguely (“when he twisted our minds some 50 years ago”).

The exhibition is compiled by Martin Frostner and Johanna Lewengard. And it is no coincidence that it has chosen to focus on the story itself. Martin and Johanna collaborated for the first time with Färgfabriken by making the form for the book Sthlm at Large, where they participated in the entire process of the book work to reach a form that could package the entire ambition and content of the book. In connection with the opening of Short Stories, their “office” is also inaugurated in one of the project rooms at Färgfabriken. They also take the opportunity to launch a new typeface, “quick roller”.