Program autumn 2023 – Samtal, föreläsningar, workshoppar

26 August 2023 26 November 2023

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August 26, 11.00–18.00: Opening and garden party. Opening for this autumn´s exhibitions: whatever lives down och Moulding Nature. Inauguration of our urban garden that we have developed together with Färgfabriken´s café. 

September 16, 15.00: Artist talk with nabbteeri. A conversation led by: Emilia Rosenqvist and Daniel Urey. 

September 26: Environmental Communication Day 2023. In collaboration with Mistra Environmental Communication. 

September 27, 17.00–18.00: Tree walk around Lövholmen. With Anna-Maria Hellner, project leader in urban planning.

October 7, 16.00: A lecture with Elin Unnes, author and garden influencer.

October 9, 16.30–18.00: Färgfabriken´s youth council: But what about us? Lövholmen´s future from a youth perspective.

October 11, 15.00–17.00 Claude glass-walk with Björn Lundell och Jacob Erixson.

October 17, 14.00–16.00: “For young people, hope is hard work”.  A conversation about research communication, civic humanities and art developed from the project Reclaiming Futures

October 23, 16.30–18.00: Färgfabriken´s youth council. To dig where you stand. About artistic strategies and sustainability based on the exhibition whatever lives bends down

November 6, 16.30–18.00: Färgfabriken´s youth council:  Enviromental conflicts and symbioses. We look at the Moulding Nature exhibition

November 9, 18.00: Lecture with Annalisa Metta, professor and landscape architect and Carl-Johan Olsson, curator at Nationalmuseum. 

November 22, 18.00: Lecture with Leone Contini, artist and anthropologist.

November 26, 14.30–16.00: Färgfabriken´s youth council: in connection with the finissage of the exhibitions Moulding Nature and whatever lives bends down

November 26, 11.00–16.00: Autumn finissage with invited guests.


Since 2021, Färgfabriken investigates different aspects of the concept garden. The work takes shape in exhibitions and activities (lectures, film, workshops etc.), as well in various projects and collaborations with external partners. In focus is the garden beyond the human gaze. Read more!