Plant dyeing workshop  – Led by Karin Bjurström

4 October 2021


Färgfabriken, Big hall 

Repurposing through plant dyeing for youth between 15–20 years, led by artist and designer Karin Bjurström (Alice Fine).

Repurposing through plant dyeing: Give new life to an old garment! 

How should one think and act to be able to utilize the possibilities of clothes to creative and personal expressions in a conscious and sustainable way? The workshop teaches us more on why the clothing industry is that unsustainable today, about chemical use and unhealthy working conditions – but more so we get to try techniques for plant dyeing as a way to renew and. repurpose old garments and textiles. 

A possibility to give life to something you find at the bottom of your drawer! 

Bring an old t-shirt, a scarf or a pair of shorts. You can try two techniques, so bring at least two garments. The garment has to be in an organic material and a light color. Some used garments or textile scraps will be available. 

Limited amount of places, pre-registration needed. The activity is free. 

Maybe you are interested in arts, crafts, repurposing and/or climate- and environmental problems, or just curious to try something new. 

Here you can watch a video that shows how the process works and may inspire your own experiments!

About the artist 

Karin Bjurström (Alice Fine) is an artist and designer, whose artistic practice heavily aligns with ideas about sustainable consumption and repurposing. The clothes we wear are not just a practical need, but also an important part of our identity. It gives us a possibility to express ourselves creatively and be a part of a community. But the clothing industry releases huge amounts of chemicals and more CO2 than air and sea travel combined, while working conditions often are horrible. Are there creative strategies to evade the unsustainable fashion industry? 

The activity is part of the project Lyssna that examines climate in the borderland between knowledge and feelings. 

With support from 

Svenska postkodsstiftelsen