Marie Sester

17 November 2007 13 January 2008

Solo exhibition

Main hall, Färgfabriken is an installation by the Los Angeles-based french artist Marie Sester which investigates visuality, exposedness and surveillance.

Marie Sester has become widely internationally renowned mainly for her public space exhibitions and installations. She has combined high technology with a striking analysis of todays society of surveillance in projects like ACCESS and BE[AM] and literally drawn the audience into the artwork. Marie Sester examines how visual media forms and organizes our civilisation both on an ideological as well as cultural level.

In the viewer is bombarded by images and sequences from war, computer games, surveilliance cameras and news channels. On a huge projection wall, reaching from floor to ceiling, a robotic projector is showing a moving projection which transforms into a searchlight. Visitors will be randomly chosen and chased by the searchlight. blurs the boundaries in between art and viewer and puts us in a state of vulnerability and surveillance. The visitor is targeted and at the same time an integrated part of the artwork.

A discussion about media influence was held in the exhibition space on November 29.

With support from

Franklin Furnace Fund, The Future of the Present 2005, New York, USA.This project was sponsored by Harvestworks, New York, USA, and made possible with funds from: The New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency and The LEF Foundation.Special thanks to: Institute Francais de Stockholm, LaBoral Spain.