The Choreographers – Is it possible to fill a room with a movement?

28 October 2022, 29 October 2022, 30 October 2022

Top floor, Färgfabriken
The performance runs for approximately 60 minutes.

A newly produced dance performance with live music at Färgfabriken!

The performance is about two choreographers/dancers who meet regularly in a dance studio near Dresden.

They have decided to try to create a completely new system of movements based on their own bodies, where the room they are in both becomes a safe place and at the same time has a limiting effect on the whole.

Is it possible to fill a room with a movement? When does a movement end? When is the movement perceived as monotonous, versus over-energetic?

Gradually, a delicate emotional game arises between the dancers. Who gets the most attention? Does she see me? A crush, a limbo, a sense of sisterhood and twinship is created between the dancers. An expression may as well be a non-expression. A drama totally undramatic.

Note: There will be dialogue in Swedish.


28/10 19.00
29/10 19.00
30/10 14.00
Regular price: 150 kr
Reduced price (student/senior):  100 kr

Tickets are sold by Billetto


Åsa Lundvik Gustafson, dancer:
Åsa has previously worked at the Stockholm Opera, 1990-1995, Nye Carte Blanche 1995-1996 and the Cullberg Ballet 1995-2013. Nowadays Åsa is freelance and works mainly with ZebraDans for choreographers such as Anne Jonsson, Anna Vnuk, Magdalena Eriksson, Julia Kraus Dybeck. Åsa has also for many years worked with Helena Franzén in several productions and has also produced and choreographed Dödsdansen together with David Nondorf which is performed at Strindbergs Intima theater.

Karin Jemsby, dancer: 
Member of an artist collective Höjden on Östbergahöjden where she rehearses and works with research. In addition to that, she teaches, among other things, at the Culture School in Gnesta. Karin works with improvisation, dance and music together with the jazz pianist Arne Forsén and with mask and dance together with the mask artist Amanda Cederquist. In 2020, Mats Flink made a solo version of the piece Koreograferna, then called Koreografen, with Karin, which was performed at Teater Giljotinen. Karin has also worked with various choreographers such as Faustin Linyekula and Helene Taddei Lawson.

Daniel Borgegård Älgå, musician:
Daniel is an improvisational musician active in the borderland between notated and improvised music, visual and performing arts. In recent years, Daniel has collaborated a lot with the musician and composer Leif Jordansson in various music and film projects, for example Rekon, The Cloud Ensemble, “Jesper Målsten Immersee”, Isak Sundström/Cecila Edefalk and The Great Learning Orchestra. Daniel is also active in Lars Bröndum’s The Aleatoric Chamber Ensemble, Neon Heart, 1000typesofsnow and Clarinettes á têtes.

Mats Flink, director:
Mats is an actor, director and playwright who was involved in the start of Teater Galeasen in 1984 and then worked there for 10 years under the direction of artistic director Rickard Günther. After that, Mats has freelanced both in theater, film and dance. In dance, Mats has worked with, among others, Mats Ek. Gunilla Heilborn. Nathalie Ruiz and Lotta Melin. In recent years, interest in own productions has increased. Today, writing is Mat’s main occupation and he has had time for a number of his own productions, including Rikoschett at Teater Giljotin 2002, Monolog 2 Theater Galeasen 2007, Room 543 at Teater Barbara 2011 and Drumliner 2012 at Färgfabriken. Right now, the movement is in focus in the production of the dance performance The Choreographers at Färgfabriken. Färgfabriken has also been a steady partner since Mat’s first set. From there, Gestapo took over in 1999

With support from

Schreiberska kulturfonden

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