Katarina Norling Skrin

6 September 1997 28 September 1997

Solo exhibition

The Story as an constantly ongoing here and now.

Memories of ourselves

– about Kataringa Norling’s Skrin

To come across Katarina Norling is to fall straight into an ongoing story. For real. She doesn’t actually tell stories in the usual sense of the word, she rather lives her own story, in the middle of its own flow, that she herself creates and remolds together with them – whith us – who she meets. That is why a meeting with her is like being inside a novel, to step straight into a flow of actions where you sometimes whish that there were, like in Dostoyevsky’s novels, name lists with explanations in the beginning to come back to when you got lost. But in the end you realize the inevitable: that you are yourself a co actor just by listening to the story – since everything she experiences is in it – and that it was like this for the person she met before you.” A shrine (skrin): a small box, often with a key, where small things are being kept, letters or jewelry – a private place, a place for the private. But what is the private then for Katarina Norling? What can it possibly be for a person who in every encounter is a part of an ongoing story that is written in the present, where everything is linked together?

Text by Jan Åman about Katarina Norling and the exhibition Skrin.