Jenny Wiklund Amnesia – prosthetic memories

17 March 2007 8 April 2007

Exhibition and research project
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken presents an ongoing research project by Jenny Wiklund: Amnesia – prosthetic memories – About remembering that you don’t remember or remembering that you have forgotten.

A series of installations is displayed in Färgfabriken’s project rooms. These consist of a clinical stainless environment with wax sculptures, medical history objects covered in white leather, medical projections and social security numbers. At the center is the reconstructed memory. A memory without autobiography, where identity consists of numbers and the self is a diagnosis. The different social security numbers and characters that are presented are diagnoses but also parts in the construction of a memory. Five diagnoses are represented, for example the installations Amnesia (750813-0881) which deals with the reawakening of lost memories and Claustrophobia (750813-0441) which deals with the absence of presence.

The exhibition is part of an artistic, experimental research project with references from architecture, art, medicine and medical technology. The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between KTH, the School of Architecture, the Royal Academy of Arts’ Department of Sculpture and Karolinska University Hospital.