Invisible Wealth – a search for a new definition of design, architecture, space and art.

12 June 2003 17 August 2003

Group exhibition
The main hall, the project rooms, bar and patio

Participants: Olle Baertling, P O Ultvedt, Leonie Geisendorff, Mats Theselius, Bohlin/Bergström/Wolgers, Front, Martin Frostner, Uglycute, Jenny Leuf, Research & Development, De fyra, Sanna Hansson, Albin Karlsson, Ola Pehrson, Peter Geschwind, Moerker, Umbilical design, CM von Hausswolff/Thomas Nordanstad, Nya Stadsbyggnadskontoret, at large, Johansson/Marcus/Lindstedt, Lars Reuterswärd/Maria Nyström/STARS

With Invisible Wealth, Färgfabriken suggests a new and necessary take on the urgent and topical issue of form and design, in Sweden. It does so by merging art, architecture and design, and by creating a bridge between three key figures in the 60’s development in Sweden – the artists Olle Baertling and P.O. Ultvedt, and the architect Léonie Geisendorf – and what is happening right now.

Departure no 1: Olle Baertling’s “open form” and “2D sculpture” has by professor Gunnar Berefelt been described as one of the major contributions to the international history of modern art, abstract form that can only be completed in the eyes of the spectator.

Departure no 2: P.O. Ultvedt invented “movement in art” with Pontus Hultén, Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tingeuly in the early 60’s. His moving objects have opened up the art object in a direct and physical way, as did his “eye-destroyers” from the same period.

Departure no 3: Léonie Geisendorf worked in the office of Le Corbusier before moving to Sweden. Both in what she has actually built and from proposals that remain yet to be built, the importance of her work become more and more evident for each year.

Interlude: CM von Hausswolff has, together with Thomas Nordanstad, made a film about the island of Hashima outside the coast of Japan, an island that was once an isolated modernist machine with a factory, with housing, schools and entertainment. Today it is an abandoned modern ruin. This is the starting point into a survey of contemporary tendencies in architecture, design and art. Färgfabriken has, during the last years, taken a long-term commitment to redefine the basis of architecture and city planning in Sweden. Now we stretch this search to also include design and, of course, art. New energy has been found in architecture through studies of social structures, economies, and flows and relations in the city, rather than houses and objects (Johansson/Marcus/Lindstedt, NSBK, at large). And Lars Reuterwärd, Maria Nyström and stars study a twofold field: the planet Mars, through a connection with NASA, combined with the search for new energy and housing systems in Africa. And more: all with the aim to find a new platform for architecture and design.

In the design the same tendencies appear, combined with a conceptual approached. ”Invisible Wealth” have many examples of new strategies. FRONT, a new design group work with animals to help creating their form. Uglycute, that have created a lounge from a two day workshop at Färgfabriken, where 15 assistents created all original furniture. Here is also Martin Frostner, a graphic designer, that work with the process to create results. Mats Theselius, have created new furniture inspired by the German company Braun’s earlier design. Jonas Bohlin and Lena Bergström are collaborating with the artist Dan Wolgers. Umbilical Design creates design for ISS and other space environments. And much more.

A first catalogue is being presented at the opening on June 12. A book will be presented in the fall after a seminar and workshop on August 16.

Invisible Wealth is the first in a series of projects where Färgfabriken search for a new definition of design, architecture, space and art.