Helmut Newton & Alice Springs – Us and Them. A portrait of the photographers as us and them.

23 January 1999 7 March 1999

Couple exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

The image world of Newton’s have often been called “dekadent eroticism”, where sado-masochist and voyeuristic traits have given him the epithet “The King of Kink”. But at the same time, stylistically Newton is one of the most influential photographers of his generation.

But where is the private person Helmut Newton? Are there any connections between the private and the public Newton? The answer – or answers – might be found in this exhibition: Us and Them. For the first time the works of photographers Helmut Newton (born 1920) and his wife since 1948, Alice Springs (pseudonym for June Newton, born 1923) are displayed together.

The exhibition portrais the two photographers, as well as their common acquaintances, in very varied situations – happy and less harmonious, in professional situations as well as at home. The starting point for the picture is intimate and private. Many parallels exist between the two photographers, in spite of the differences in technique and different ways of tackling the same situation. Newton appears as a constant manipulator, while Springs rather tries to make things as simple as possible.